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A sprain is a type of injury in which a person hurts the part really bad, but it is not broken. It has common side affects of a broken bone, but it is less serious.

Degrees[change | change source]

The first degree is only a minor tear or stretch of a ligament.

The second degree is a tear of a ligament, which is usually followed by pain or swelling.

The third degree is a complete rupture.

Signs and symptoms[change | change source]

The typical signs and symptoms associated with a sprain are the main signs of inflammation:

  • localized pain
  • swelling
  • loss of function

Joints involved[change | change source]

Although any joint can experience a sprain, some of the more common include:

Prevention[change | change source]

Sprains can best be prevented by proper use of safety equipment (wrist, ankle guards), warm-ups and cool-downs (including stretching), being aware of your surroundings and maintaining strength and flexibility. Physical conditioning is the best way to avoid or lessen the degree of sprains.

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