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St.-Pius-Gymnasium is a catholic private highschool in Coesfeld near Münster in Germany. It is held by the diocese of Münster and named after Pope Pius X. . Until 1976 the school was a boarding school only for boys. Since then it has been a Gymnasium. Today, there are 791 pupils.

There is a statue of Pius X on the school ground to express solidarity with the patron. The school has a chapel and a pastor. There is a modern, well-equipped assembly hall, too.

St.-Pius-Gymnasium is associated with the Lyceé Notre-Dame in Guingamp (France), offers trips to Poole (England) and tries to establish a partnership with a school in Orlando (Florida, USA).

In Advent, the school publishes a yearbook named "Piusbrief". Its pupil magazine "Fünf vor Acht" got multiple honours.

The whole school is a non-smoking area.