Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Directed by William Shatner
Produced by Harve Bennett
Written by Screenplay:
David Loughery
William Shatner
Harve Bennett
David Loughery
Gene Roddenberry
Starring See table
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography Andrew Laszlo
Editing by Peter E. Berger
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) June 9, 1989
Running time 107 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $27,800,000 (estimated)
Money made $70,000,000 (worldwide)

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was the fifth movie set in the Star Trek universe. It was made in 1989 by Paramount Pictures. It happens after the events of The Voyage Home. Spock's half-brother Sybok goes on a spiritual journey to find "God" and takes the Enterprise to the centre of the galaxy.

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