Star Wars: Jedi Knight (series)

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The Jedi Knight series are a video game series produced by LucasArts. The games may be played as first person shooters or as 3rd person games. They follow the story of the mercenary and later Jedi Kyle Katarn.[1] The player controls Katarn in all of the games except Jedi Academy.

The games are combat focussed with lots of shooting combat where the player fights enemies with blasters and other weapons that shoot projectiles. Starting in Jedi Knight, Kyle begins to learn The Force and gets a lightsaber, the pinnacle of Star Wars weaponry. When Katarn uses the lightsaber, the game can go into third-person mode where the camera follows Katarn from behind so the player can see Katarn fighting with his lightsaber. Once Katarn learns the Force he may use Light Side and Dark Side powers (such as 'Force Heal' or 'Force Push' respectively)

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