Statues of Our Lady of Danajon and Sto. Niño

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Statues of Our Lady of Danajon and Santo Niño were placed under water in Danajon Bank. Our Lady of Danajon refers to the Virgin Mary. Santo Niño means Holy Child, baby Jesus Christ. They were placed in 2010 to stop blast fishing, fishing using explosives.

Danajon Bank is a double barrier reef, a rare type of reef. There are just six double barrier reefs in the world.[1] Blast fishing was hurting the reef.

The government of Bien Unido, a municipality of Bohol in the Philippines, worked with a group called SeaKnights to place the statues near the reef. They hoped that the Catholicism of the fishermen would stop the blast fishing. The fishermen stopped using blast fishing so they wouldn't hurt the statues. This kept the reef safe.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

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