Step Up 2: The Streets

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Step Up 2: The Streets is a 2008 American musical teen drama movie. It is the sequel to Step Up. This sequel is set in the Baltimore region and was released in February 2008. The movie got substandard reviews, though it received almost $151 million throughout the world.

Plot[change | change source]

The movie tells of teenager Andrea "Andie" West whose mother died from cancer when Andie was 16. Andie now lives with Sarah (her guardian and her mother's best friend), though actually Andie always feels like she does not really belong anywhere. She loves dancing, although she is performing very poorly during school. One day, Andie, who is with Maryland School of Arts, is expelled from there by the MSA school director after the dance studio at her school is vandalized by students from 410 (four-one-oh), a competing [hip hop] dancing crew. She is also expelled from MSA due to her connection with a hip hop crew known as The Streets, at which point Sarah has had enough of Andie's behavior and threatens to send Andie to Texas to live with her aunt. Andie then receives a text from her best friend Missy.

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