Stitch Money

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Stitch is a fintech company working in Africa. It one of the biggest[1] in open banking sphere.[2][3] The company is in Cape Town, South Africa.[4]

History[change | change source]

In 2019, Stitch was founded in Cape Town, South Africa as Stitch Money. [5]

In February 2021, Stitch got $4 million in investment funding. The startup was working on enabling businesses to access user financial accounts to view financial data.[6][7]

In April 2021, the company started its first payments product – Pay-ins.[8]

In February 2022, Stitch raised $21 million in Series A funding.[9][10][11]

In April 2022, Stitch launched LinkPay – the first payments API in Africa that tokenizes user financial accounts.[12][13][14][15]  

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