Subaru Brat

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Subaru BRAT
1989 Subaru Brumby utility (2010-05-19) 02.jpg
Also calledSubaru 284
Subaru Brumby
Subaru Shifter
Subaru MV
Subaru Targa
AssemblyŌta, Gunma, Japan
Pretoria, South Africa
Waitara, New Zealand (until 1987)
Body and chassis
Body style2-door coupe utility
RelatedSubaru Leone
Engine1.6 L EA-71 H4
1.8 L EA-81 H4
Transmission4-speed manual
3-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,456 mm (96.7 in)
Length4,424 mm (174.2 in)
Width1,620 mm (63.8 in)
Height1,415 mm (55.7 in)
Weight1,000 kg (2,204.6 lb)
SuccessorSubaru Baja

The Subaru BRAT, short for "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter", known outside Canada and the United States as the 284 in the United Kingdom, Brumby in Australia, and Shifter, MV, or Targa in other markets, was a pickup truck that was made by Subaru from 1978 until 1994.[1][2][3][4][5] The Subaru BRAT was an all-wheel drive car.[6]

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