Suffocation (band)

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Suffocation in 2014.

Suffocation is an American brutal death metal band from Centereach, New York, United States. The band members are Frank Mullen (vocalist), Terrance Hobbs and Charlie Errigo (both guitarisits), Eric Morotti (drummer) and Derek Boyer (bassist). Their 1991 album, Effigy of the Forgotten, created a blueprint for the genre for the 1990s. The band has a raw death metal style that uses growled vocals with a downtuned guitar sound, fast and complex guitar riffs and drumming, open chord notes, breakdowns, and a complex sense of songwriting. Decibel Magazine has stated that Suffocation's music completely influenced the creation of deathcore.[1]

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  • Close of a Chapter: Live in Québec City (2005)

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  1. Lee, Cosmo (September 2009). "Suffocation reclaim their rightful place as kings of death metal". Decibel Magazine. One of Suffocation's trademarks, breakdowns, has spawned an entire metal subgenre: deathcore