Sukhoi Su-2

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The Sukhoi Su-2 was a Soviet reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft used in the early stages of World War II.In 1936 Joseph Stalin released a requirement for a multipurpose combat aircraft. Codenamed Ivanov, Pavel Sukhoi was designed aircraft under the tutelage of Andrei Tupolev. The resulting ANT-51 flew on 25 August 1937.This was considered insufficient but it was decided to re-test it with a more powerful engine. and was accepted into production as BB-1. In 1940, the aircraft engine was replaced and was renamed Su-2 .Although 910 Su-2s were built by the time production was discontinued in 1942, the aircraft was obsolete and underarmed by the start of the Great Patriotic War.However, due to a critical shortage of aircraft in early World War II, some Su-2s were used as emergency fighters.