Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known and referred to as the Blue Mosque, from the window of the upper gallery of the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. It is also known as the Blue Mosque, but that name can also refer to other mosques. It was built between 1609 and 1616, when Ahmed I ruled the Ottoman Empire. Like with many other mosques, the founder of the mosque is buried in it. There is also a madrasah and a hospice associated with the mosque. Today it is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Story[change | change source]

One day Sultan I. Ahmet wanted to build a mosque and wants gold minarets but this was too expensive. The gold's mean is "altın" in Turkish but architect misunderstood. He understood "altı'" and this mean is six. So the mosque has six minarets

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