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Sun Yat-sen's Tomb

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Sun Yat-sen's Tomb is the tomb (place for the dead body) of Sun Yat-sen and a large park around the tomb. It is a scenic spot and historical site in Nanjing, China.A mausoleum is a building used to store the remains of people who have died. Instead of being buried in soil, like in a cemetery, they are placed in chambers behind walls, or in a vault under the floor. The word came from the name of an ancient king.Sun yat sun is a leader of China.You can go to there by bus Route254,324.

Sun Yat-sen's tomb is so big that it is also called Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum. (A mausoleum is a tomb so big that it is like a palace.)

Sun Yat-sen was a famous leader of China. He changed China's political system. After he died, the Chinese government made him this tomb.