Sunda Shelf

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Map of Sunda and Sahul.

Sunda Shelf is a continental shelf located in Southeast Asia.[1] It is forms the second largest submerged extension of a continental margin in world.[2][3] Most of platform is covered by shallow seas– including the southerm South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and tha Java Sea– with depth averaging less than 330 foot (100 metres). Much of the Sunda Shelf's total are of 690.0002 miles (1.800.000 km2) ia occupied by the Indonesian islands of Borneo, Java and Sumatra.[1]

Rising sea levels since the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), some ~20.000 years ago, has drowned the Sunda Shelf,[4] has been derived from a siliciclastic system on a tectonically stable Shelf in Southeast Asia.[5]

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