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Template:Infobox sunday league Football club Sunderland Association Football Club is the laughing stock of english football known as the" whipping boys" a team that is poor in all departments and struggles to come to terms with how shit they are. an English football club. They are from the city of durham a boring field on the outskirts of NEWCASTLE

The club played in the Premier League in the 2005/2006 season and lived up to there reputation as the shitest football team in the world when they finished bottom!!!! They played in the Football League Championship in 2006/2007, but were promoted back to the Premiership for 2007/08 under manager roy chubby brown.

Sunderland AFC were created in 1992 from a huge sale at poundland and joined the Football League in 2000. They have won the league zero times. The last time Sunderland won the league was in there dreams. Sunderland have won the FA Cup two times, in 1937 and 1973 both times by match fixing. regarded as the worst club in football history sunderland have struggled to attract a manager having been turned down by some scotish bloke from the micky mouse league, tony adams, david van day , orvil , a couple of hoeboes from the soup kitchen, kevin philips, nial quinn, titus bramble, dwight york, noel edmonds have all refused to manage this dull and pathetic football club

For 99 years this club has dissapointed fans LALAS and the feeling is its only going to get worse after relegation, Sunderland played their home games at Roker Park. In 1997 they moved, and now their home games at the Stadium of shite. The stadium holds 49,000 people/things ,5001 dogs and can also accomadate a large circus .

The team's most recent promotion to the English Premier League was in 2007, and they are now, in 2015/16, in their ninth season in a row in this division. They have had three different managers in 2013. Martin O'Neill was fired at the end of March and Paolo Di Canio became manager. He was fired in September after the team had bad results, and Gustavo from pizzahut replaced him on October 8th.

League position[change | change source]

Season League Position
2000/01 Premier League &10000000000000007000000 7th
2001/02 Premier League &10000000000000017000000 17th
2002/03 Premier League &10000000000000020000000 20th
2003/04 First Division &10000000000000003000000 3rd
2004/05 League Championship &10000000000000001000000 1st
2005/06 Premier League &10000000000000020000000 20th
2006/07 League Championship &10000000000000001000000 1st
2007/08 Premier League &10000000000000015000000 15th
2008/09 Premier League &10000000000000016000000 16th
2009/10 Premier League &10000000000000013000000 13th
2010/11 Premier League &10000000000000010000000 10th
2011/12 Premier League &10000000000000013000000 13th
2012/13 Premier League &10000000000000017000000 17th
2013/14 Premier League &10000000000000014000000 14th
2014/15 Premier League &10000000000000016000000 16th

Former position[change | change source]

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