Football League Third Division

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Football League Third Division
Number of teams24
Level on pyramid4 (1992–2004)
3 (1920–1992)
Promotion toSecond Division
Relegation toFourth Division (1958–1992)
Football Conference (1992–2004)
Domestic cup(s)FA Cup
League Cup
Football League Trophy
Last championsDoncaster Rovers
Most championshipsPlymouth Argyle
(4 titles, including 2 in Third Division South)

The Football League Third Division was the 3rd division in English football. Its first season was the 1920–21. It would be brought back for the 1958-59 season. It was the 3rd division until the 1991-92 season. It became the 4th division in 1992, after the FA Premier League was created. It was replaced by the Football League Two in 2004.

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