Surah ar-Rahman

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1.Ar-Rahman (Arabic: الرحمان, ar-raḥmān; meaning: The Merciful) is the 55th Chapter (Surah) of the Qur'an, with 78 verses (āyāt). The title of the surah, Ar-Rahman, appears in verse 1 and means "The Most Beneficent". ... According to the traditional Egyptian chronology, Ar-Rahman was the 97th surah revealed.

No. of verses: 78

  • Other names: Most Gracious 2. What does Surah Al Rahman talk about?

Surah-Al-Rehman is known as the beauty of the Quran. In this, we get knowledge about the undeniable blessings of Allah. In this chapter, Allah in beautiful verses describes its blessings and obliged mankind to observe these blessings in fact.

3.Surah-Al-Rahman is one of the beautiful and most reciting Surah of the Holy Quran. It is the 55th chapter that comprises 78 verses. Most importantly, it widely seeks blessings, solutions, and forgiveness from Almighty Allah. Besides this, highly beneficial and important for life and the afterlife in fact.