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A swimsuit, bathing suit (sometimes shortened to bathers), or swimming costume (sometimes shortened to cozzie) is clothing designed to be worn for swimming.

Swimming trunks are a pair of shorts or briefs worn for swimming or bathing.

In New Zealand English and some areas of Australian English, swimsuits are usually called togs. This term is less common in other parts of the Commonwealth where it can also refer to clothes in general. Swimsuits can be skin-tight or loosely fitting and range from garments designed to preserve as much modesty as possible to garments designed to reveal as much of the body as possible without actual nudity. They are often lined with a fabric that prevents them from becoming transparent when wet.

Lists[change | change source]

Womens' swimsuits[change | change source]

Image Name Notes
Chloe Sutton.jpg One-piece swimsuit
Standing in front of a mirror.jpg Bikini
Amy at the 2010 Run to the Sun Fashion Show in Anchorage, Alaska.jpg Tankini
Burqini.jpg Burqini Usually worn by Muslim women

Mens' swimsuits[change | change source]

Image Name
Japanese traditional swimwear FUNDOSHI red rokushaku front photomodel fthong 1.jpg Fundoshi
USC Waterpolo Player.jpg swim briefs
Boardshorts.jpg Board shorts
Man wearing jammer on diving block.jpg Jammer

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