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Table football

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Table Football, Table Soccer and Foosball, are regional names of a table-top game based on association football (EUR) or soccer (USA). The name "foosball" comes from the German word for football, "fussball" or "fußball". Both a recreational game and a serious sport, the game can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) players.

Tables are broadly defined as professional or home-grade. The tables function the same, but just like pool tables, vary widely in features.

Home-grade tables are great for kids and casual players. A professional grade table in a home game room is a sign of a serious player.

Foosball is played world-wide and professional grade tables reflect unique characteristics of their country of origin.

Serious players need the additional ball control, weight and strength the professional-grade products feature to handle four adult players.

Currently the game of Foosball is again expanding in popularity. For serious players there are local, state, regional, national and international tournaments.

Table football


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