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Also known as Disney's TaleSpin
Format Animated series
Created by Jymn Magon
Mark Zaslove
Voices of Ed Gilbert
R. J. Williams
Sally Struthers
Janna Michaels
Pat Fraley
Jim Cummings
Tony Jay
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 65
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel Disney Channel/Syndication
Original run May 5, 1990 – August 8, 1991
Age rating USA: TV-Y

TaleSpin is an animated Disney television series. Originally basad from The Jungle Book characters. The series was originally shown from May 5, 1990 to August 8, 1991. It had a total of 65 episodes.

Main Characters[change | change source]

  • Baloo
  • Kit Cloudkicker
  • Rebecca Cunningham
  • Molly Cunningham
  • Wildcat
  • King Louie
  • Shere Khan
  • Don Karnage and his pirates
  • Spigot

Home video releases[change | change source]

VHS[change | change source]

Video Chile: Original Simple English[change | change source]

Eleven VHS cassettes containing 21 episodes of the series were released in Chile.

VHS Name Episode Titles Release Date
TaleSpin (Volume 1): Baloo Skies "Stormy Weather"
"For a Fuel Dollars More"
April 17, 1992
TaleSpin (Volume 2): Dare-Devil Bears "Mommy for a Day"
"The Idol Rich"
April 17, 1992
TaleSpin (Volume 3): Fearless Flyers "From Here to Machinery"
"The Balooest of the Bluebloods"
September 12, 1992
TaleSpin (Volume 4): Hot Shot Heroes "Jumping the Guns"
"Mach One for the Gipper"
September 12, 1992
TaleSpin (Volume 5): Imagine That "Flight of the Snow Duck"
"Flight School Confidental"
September 12, 1992
TaleSpin (Volume 6): Treasure Trap "Polly Wants to a Treasure"
"The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink"
April 2, 1993
TaleSpin (Volume 7): True Baloo "The Time Bandit"
"Louie's Last Stand"
April 2, 1993
TaleSpin (Volume 8): Jackpots & Crackpots "Her Chance to Dream"
"A Touch of Glass"
September 18, 1993
TaleSpin (Volume 9): That's Showbiz! "I Only Have Ice for You"
"It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck"
September 18, 1993
TaleSpin (Volume 10): Wise Up! "Molly Coddled"
"The Sound and the Furry"
September 18, 1993
TaleSpin (Volume 11): Search of the Lost City "For Whom the Bell Klangs" (Parts 1&2) September 18, 1993

DVD[change | change source]

Video Chile: Original Simple English[change | change source]

The sets from Germany and the United Kingdom have also been released in Chile. The First Collection came out on September 15, 2012. The Second Collection was released on April 12, 2013. The Third Collection was released on September 14, 2013.

DVD Name Ep# Release Date
TaleSpin First Collection (Volumes 1-3) 1-27 September 15, 2012
TaleSpin Second Collection (Volumes 4-6) 28-54 April 12, 2013
TaleSpin Third Collection 55-65 September 14, 2013

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