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Mention of the classical elements[change source]

Is it necessary for this article to mention the four classical elments? Scientists think that the periodic table of the elements provides an accurate view of the natural elements. The periodic table can also be grouped into smaller tables, which could make understanding it easier.

Just my thoughts; what does everyone else think? Secretkeeper12 (talk) 00:59, 23 August 2014 (UTC)

Air is colorless and odorless?[change source]

Wouldn't being colorless limit the definition to only allow particles to a certain size? Isn't the blue color of the day sky a product of light being filtered by our atmosphere? Would smog or clouds not constitute air? Smog as well as morning dew and even many gases have odor. Is this not also part of air? Also, whatever air we have experienced most often, I would think, would set our baseline of odorless and we would experience odor in other conditions relative to our baseline. To my confusion air does not seem well defined.

Pollution[change source]

"Air can be polluted by some gases (such as ozone and carbon monoxide), smoke, and ash. This pollution is one of the reasons for global warming, by causing the "greenhouse effect"." Wrong - smoke, ashes, etc. do not cause global warming.