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Sex only versus sex and romanttic feelings[change source]

From en:Homosexuality: “In the original sense, it refers to an innate sexual orientation characterized by aesthetic attraction, romantic love, and sexual desire exclusively for members of the same sex or gender identity.”

OK, so I said sexual and romantic love. You said sexual attraction. Which of these two is a better simple version of the above? While I will agree that 'sexual and romantic love' does not carry the full depth of meaning as the passage above, I don't see how just talking about sex (and ignoring the romantic aspect) is somehow better? And if you are offended that I suggested you do not have an NPOV, then perhaps you might want to consider the tag you used: 'fix for inaccuracies'. Especially since the only real content you removed was that there was an emotional aspect to sexual orientation.

For example, in Bisexuality I originally said: “Bisexuality is when people love (sexually and romantically) both men and women.”

You 'fixed' it for inaccuracies by making it this: “Bisexuality is when people are sexually attracted to both men and women.”

How again is that more accurate? Moreover, since you use en as an ideal, please tell me why that more accurately describes the passage from en? -NickGorton 02:17, 21 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]