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Editorial comments[change source]

"Little is known about this person": perhaps "We do not know much about Euclid's life" is simpler?

"Many people see Euclid as the father of geometry, which is an important part of mathematics" is ambiguous because of the italicization (the father of geometry is not an important part of mathematics). Suggested rephrasing: Euclid is famous for his work in geometry, which is an important part of mathematics. He is sometimes called 'the father of geometry'.

"Many people see the book as history's most successful textbook, that is a book which teaches people." needs a comma after is.

"This is the same method as modern mathematics uses." should be same method *that* modern...

"... where or when he is born or why he died." should be *was* born. Janbkr 16:48, 12 December 2007 (UTC)

Article too complicated[change source]

This is way way too complicated for the simple english wikipedia. Somebody please simplify.