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Review[change source]

@Junedude433: I anticipate you will be looking at nominating this article for VGA in due course, so I thought I would go ahead and start a review. I hope that's ok with you!

Introduction[change source]

  • nomadic - I know you have the explanation in brackets, but might you also link to nomadic people?
  • Spanish and French - Should these be linked?
  • residents - Simple?
  • The fighting helped start the American Civil War. - This makes it sound like a positive. Is starting a war a good thing? I assume you're looking for an easier way to say contributed to?
  • railroads - Simple?
  • the south - Shouldn't this be capitalised?
  • Populist and Progressive movement - Shouldn't this link to an article?
  • conservative - Needs linking.
  • manufacturing - Simple? Link.
  • prohibits (in infobox) - Is this simple?
  • the number of farmers has lowered - Is lowered simple as a verb? Maybe has become lower?

Before History[change source]

  • Asians - Link?
  • Because the big game they had been hunting died out, the people had started eating more plants and small animals. - I would switch the sentence round, start with the second part. Also, game needs linking in this context.
  • The groups did not stop hunting, but they also ate wild plants and small animals. - This is a repetition of what is said two lines before.
  • major - Simple?
  • These inventions would include growing maize. - Do we need to say would include? Maybe just included would be enough.
  • Other groups in North America aslo started growing maize as well - Ignoring the obvious typo (aslo instead of also), also and as well mean the same thing here. Choose one or the other.
  • archaic - Simple?
  • semi-sedentary - Maybe needs an explanation in brackets?
  • storage containers - Simple?
  • permanent housing - Simple?
  • out of dirt; they were shaped - I would change semicolon to a full stop.
  • Indian - Link?

I'll continue in the coming days, if it is helpful. --Yottie =talk= 18:04, 9 August 2020 (UTC)