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Split page[change source]

I agree with @Auntof6 that this page should be split. I would also add the following notes and/or questions:

  • In the various central Asian/Turkic languages, is the spelling of the name of the group of people in item #1 same or different than the spelling of the name of the people in item #2? I can only relate in Hebrew terms. But as pointed out in #3, Qaraite (as in Karaite Jews) is spelled in Hebrew with kuf (ק). Are the people in item #1 also spelled with the kuf-equivalent, or with the kaf-equivalent (כ) (or something else)?
  • If the names of the groups in #1 and #2 both mean "black", why would the spelling diverge, unless pronunciation has changed over time?
  • Alternatively, if the name of the group in #2 is really related to the Arabic word meaning "good at reading the Qur'an", then it is in fact related to the Hebrew root described in item #3.
  • The tone of these paragraphs is not encyclopedic.

StevenJ81 (talk) 16:41, 5 April 2016 (UTC)