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English <- German / nordish[change source]

(Sorry, my english is not perfect) The translation is nice but, it is a modern prose and this is not the old sence of this text. I try here to translate the old prose in german and english words with german source. So, that is a word for word translation! Now you can see, what is the orginal sence of this text and feel the same sounds. Today, that sounds really terrible. Sometimes the source scence had changet. sample: viel = full (modern in english: a lot, many, very much or so) schön = shine (modern: beauty, alias sunshine)

org: Ez wuohs in Burgonden, ein vil edel magedîn, ger: Es wuchs in Burgunden, ein viel edles Mädelein, engl: It grows in Burgundy, a full (very) noble maid(-ly),

org: daz in allen landen niht schoeners möhte sîn, ger: das in allen Landen, nicht (nix) schönere's möchte sein, engl: that in all lands, not (nothing)shine 'it may been,

org: Kriemhild geheizen. Si wart ein schoene wîp. ger: Kriemhild (sie) geheißen. Sie war ein schönes Weib. engl: Kriemhild (she) behest. She was a shine wife.

org: dar um be muosen degene vil verliesen den lîp. ger: darum be müssen Degen, viel verließen den Leib. engl: therefore been must epee, full(many) (out)leave the life.