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Plebiscite v referendum[change source]

A "Plebiscite" is not a petition to call an election. A "Plebiscite" is a petition that is used with no legal bearing. This article's name should be changed to "Referendum". — This unsigned comment was added by (talk • changes) on 10:14, 17 March 2011.

The OED defines a plebiscite as a "vote of all the members of an electorate to decide a question of public importance", and a referendum as "The process or principle of referring an important political question (e.g. a proposed constitutional change) to be decided by a general vote of the entire electorate; a vote taken by referendum" The two words are effectively interchangeable, and both can be mandatory upon a government, or merely advisory. The difference tends to be the country's constitutional tradition. Bärliner 12:28, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Poorly written article[change source]

This article is horribly written. It doesn't say what a plebiscite is. It just talks about referendums. I agree with the below poster.—Preceding unsigned comment added by 01:36, 12 November 2014‎ (UTC) (talk)