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transmissible vs. transmitted[change source]

While a quick google seems to indicate that the term tranmsitted is overwhelmingly prefered (14,200,000) to the aletrantive transmissible (403,000), this neverthless belies the fact that the latter is in fact more accurate in as much as while such diseases 'can be transmitted by sexual contact, this is by no means the only means of transmission. as such i have edited the text accordingly. [[1]]

General[change source]

I started by fixing a typo, and ended up rewriting the article. Most of the content is from the version before. I abbreviated "venereal diseases" as "VD", because I have never heard "VD" in the plural, even in situations where I would expect a plural. I cut out the anus/butthole part, because although anus might not be very simple, butthole is not very encyclopedic. Anal sex is still mentioned, so the information is there for people who want it, with less giggle factor. Also there are still two other examples, and it is not necessary to list every mucus membrane in the human body. 06:36, 18 January 2007 (UTC)