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Tanja Magdalena Schuster is a taxonomist from Kaindorf, Austria[1] and the first Pauline Ladiges Plant Systematics Fellow, holding a joint position with the School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the National Herbarium of Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.[2][3][4] Schuster also worked as curator of the Norton-Brown Herbarium at the University of Maryland, College Park.[5]

In 2011, Schuster created the genus Duma for some species previously placed in Muehlenbeckia, but which were shown by molecular phylogenetic studies to form a distinct clade. The name is derived from the Latin for "thorn-bush."[6]

Polygonum alpinum alaskana
K, alpina

Selected works[change | change source]

  • Sanchez, A., Schuster, T.M. and Kron, K.A. (2009). A large scale phylogeny of Polygonaceae and its implications for taxonomic circumscriptions. International Journal of Plant Sciences 170, 1044-1055.
  • Sanchez, A., Schuster, T.M., Burke, J. and Kron, K.A. (2011). Taxonomy of Polygonoideae (Polygonaceae): A new tribal classification. Taxon 60, 151-160.
  • Schuster, T.M., Reveal, J.L. and Kron, K.A. (2011). Phylogeny of Polygoneae (Polygonaceae: Polygonoideae). Taxon 60, 1653-1666.
  • Schuster, T.M., Wilson, K.L. and Kron, K.A. (2011). Phylogenetic relationships of Muehlenbeckia, Fallopia and Reynoutria investigated with chloroplast and nuclear data. International Journal of Plant Sciences 172, 1053-1066.
  • Schuster, T.M., Setaro, S.D. and Kron, K.A. (2013). Age estimates for the buckwheat family Polygonaceae based on sequence data calibrated by fossils and with a focus on the amphi-Pacific Muehlenbeckia. PLoS ONE. 10.1371/journal.pone.0061261.

Taxa authored by Schuster[change | change source]

Schuster is listed in the International Plant Names Index as the author or co-author of 62 names, including:[7]

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