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Tara Air Flight 197

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Tara Air Flight 197 was a scheduled Tara Air flight from Pokhara Airport to Jomsom Airport in Nepal. 22 people (19 passengers and 3 crew members) were on board. Tara Air is known to be one of the most unsafe airlines in the world.[1]

Tara Air Flight 197
Twin engine passenger aircraft on the ground
9N-AET, the aircraft involved in the accident, pictured in 2009
Date29 May 2022; 2 years ago (2022-05-29)
SummaryCrashed into terrain, under investigation
SiteThasang-2, Mustang District[2]
Aircraft typede Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter
OperatorTara Air operated for Yeti Airlines
IATA flight No.TB197
ICAO flight No.TRA197
Flight originPokhara Airport, Nepal
DestinationJomsom Airport, Nepal

On 29 May 2022, the flight lost contact with air traffic controllers at 10:07 local time.[4] The aircraft crashed in Mustang District, but the number of deaths and survivors are unknown.[5]

Search and rescue efforts were called off later that day because of snowfall at the suspected crash site.[6]

Victims[change | change source]

The flight was carrying 22 occupants, and the 19 passengers consisted of 13 Nepalis, four Indians and two Germans. There were two pilots and a flight attendant among the 13 Nepalis on the flight. NDTV stated that the four Indian passengers were members of the same family from Mumbai.[7]

Nationality Passengers Crew Total
Nepali 13 3 16
Indian 4 0 4
German 2 0 2
Total 19 3 22[8]

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