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Tea bag is a slang term for a sexual act in which the male puts his scrotum into his partner's mouth over and over, like a tea bag being put into a cup of hot water.[1] Tea bagging can be an act of male domination, which he might use to humiliate his partner. Some people would not like being tea bagged, but it does not need to be painful.[2]

Tea bagging has been used during hazing or bullying incidents. Groups hold down victims while somebody "shoved his testicles in [the victim's] face"[3] or puts his "crotch to his head."[4][5]

Pretending to tea bag is a popular taunt in multiplayer first person shooter video games, the player who has killed the other crouches over and over on the dead body of their opponent.[4] Although some say that it is not being a good winner, it is common in amateur, and possibly even professional gaming, many tea bagging in fighting games as well.[6]

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