Teach the Future

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Teach the Future
Red Square TtF.jpg
Named afterUKSCN's 2nd Demand
Formation12th October 2019
TypeYouth Campaign
PurposeClimate Crisis Education, English Education System Reform & Youth Voice
  • United Kingdom
Parent organization
UK Student Climate Network & SOS-UK
7 (as of April 2020)
35 (as of April 2020)

Teach the Future is the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) and Students Organising for Sustainability - UK (SOS-UK) joint campaign to rapidly repurpose the English education system around the climate crisis and ecological emergency to better prepare young people to mitigate and face the consequences of it.[1]

Aims[change | change source]

Teach the Future runs under 6 main asks of the government[2]

  1. A government commissioned review into how the climate crisis is currently taught in schools
  2. The inclusion of climate education in teaching standards and qualifications
  3. The enactment of an English Climate Emergency Education Act[3][4]
  4. The establishment of a national climate emergency youth voice grant
  5. The establishment of a national Youth Climate Endowment Fund
  6. For all:
    • new state-funded educational buildings to be built carbon net-zero by 2020
    • existing state-funded educational buildings to be converted to a carbon net-zero grid by 2030

Progress[change | change source]

Teach the Future originated as the 2nd demand of the UK Student Climate Network - from which it takes its name. It evolved into a separate campaign group which launched on the 12th November 2019[5] however it is still supported by UKSCN's School Group Developmental working group and the wider volunteer base.[6][7]

Teach the Future has garnered support for their English Climate Emergency Education Act through running a parliamentary reception;[8] Nadia Whittome is the campaign parliamentary sponsor[9] and helped them run the aforementioned event to unveil their legislation to the government.

The campaign's work being supported by multiple influential organisations - included the RSPB, British Youth Council,[10] Global Action Plan,[11] National Union of Students[12] and Friends of the Earth.[13]

It has been featured in many articles by national media sources such as The Guardian,[3] BBC Breakfast,[14] DeSmog Blog,[15] the Thomas Reuters Foundation[16] and BBC Radio 5 Live.

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