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The Tejano Music Awards is an annual music awards ceremony that is held in San Antonio, Texas to recognize and build awareness for Tejano music. The first TMA's began in 1980.

Achievements[change | change source]

In 1986, Selena won the "Female Vocalist of The Year" award and continued to win the award for nine consecutive years, up until her death.[1] She had won two awards posthumously after her death. Selena dominated the awards beginning the 90's when she helped spread the Tejano Music Movement into the United States. She was then given the title "Queen of Tejano music".[2]

Being a male-dominate genre, the Tejano Music Awards continued to see a rise in more male entertainers receiving awards such as Emilio Navaira, Jay Perez, and La Mafia. The group, La Mafia, became the first male Tejano group to sell a gold album (sales of 50,000 units).[3] For the females, Selena's album Ven Conmigo (1990) became the very first Tejano album to ever be certified gold by the RIAA.[4]

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