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Purpose[change source]

This template permits the easy insertion of an image representing the asperand (@, using File:At sign.svg). The goal of this is to allow citing of an email address in a page without having email address collection programs collect the email address to be used in spam emailings. This effect is affected by the non-recognition of programs searching for email address of the significance of the image.

Usage[change source]



Which gives:


Optional parameters[change source]

There are two optional parameters.

The first parameter, or |size= gives the size of the image to be used, in pixels.

The default value is 15 pixels.




For example

{{@|size=20}} and {{@|20}}



The second parameter is the color parameter (|color=). It only works if there is a file by the name of 'File:At_sign_{{{color}}}.svg'.

Example[change source]


You can write me at username{{@}}example.org


You can write me at username﹫example.org

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