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Ambox globe Americas.svgCurrent time is 20:49 UTC refresh

A rotation of filename of globe icons in {{Ambox}} style. The file changes every eight hours.


  • 06:00–14:00 β†’ [[File:{{{europe-africa}}}|32px]] 🌍 Africa and Europe
  • 14:00–22:00 β†’ [[File:{{{americas}}}|32px]] 🌎 Americas
  • 22:00–06:00 β†’ [[File:{{{asia-australia}}}|32px]] 🌏 Asia and Australia

Usage[change source]

[[File:{{Ambox globe}}|image size]]

Examples[change source]

Code Result
[[File:{{Ambox globe}}|32px]] Ambox globe Americas.svg
[[File:{{Ambox globe}}|thumb|64px|Globe icon.]]
Globe icon.

See also[change source]

Template documentation

This is a shared documentation template.


  • |europe-africa= |americas= |asia-australia= β€” mandatory images.
  • |description= β€” extra words to add after "globe icon", e.g. "with a yellow clock".
  • |section1= β€” extra section between Usage and Examples.
  • |examples= β€” extra example rows. Use {{|}} for table markup.