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Visual demonstration of the editing interface and these instructions

Creating a draft page only takes five steps. Please read carefully.

  1. Place the content of your article in the blank area as shown. You can use our example page for help. Remember to use your own words. Do not copy text from another website.
  2. List your references in the area labelled == References == After listing your references, cite them using inline citations. Look at the example page or our cheat sheet if you need help.
  3. If you need help with your draft, visit our live chat at #wikipedia-simple connect You may use any nickname you would like, provided that it is not already used by somebody else. Or ask for help on Wikipedia talk:Article wizard and wait for a reply.
  4. Whenever you want to save your work, click the Save page button. You can continue to work on your draft as long and as often as you like, by clicking the    change    button.
  5. When you think your draft is ready to become an article, you can move the page out of your userspace and into to article space. To do this, look for the button at the top of the page (you may have to hover the cursor over a down arrow tab), and then follow the instructions on how to move pages. If you do not have a button for moving pages, then go to the "Ready for submission" step of the Wizard and use the second option. Then copy the full content of your draft's editing box into the editing box of your new article.