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This template allows you to navigate through sequentially-numbered archive pages.

It does not require any parameters; just place {{atn}} near the top of each archive for a particular page. It will create a navigation bar to facilitate movement among them, back to the page itself and to the current talk page. It will also work out which archive has the highest number (i.e. the most recent) and allow you to skip directly to that one.

In order for this template to work, the archives must be named "Archive 1", "Archive 2" and so on (capital "A", with a space before the number). If they are not, move them to the appropriate names first; see Help:Moving a page for information.

The template will appear as shown below, using Talk:Earth/Archive 2 as an example:

Talk archives for Earth (current talk page)
<< 1 < Archive 1 Archive 2 Archive 3 > Archive 5 >

Note: The example above was created when Talk:Earth had 5 archives; if more are created the ">>" link shown here won't change because this example is static, however the template itself will update as appropriate to show the new highest number.

See it in action[change source]

Please look at [1] to see an implementation of {{atn}}.

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