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This template can be used to feed area and population figures from Wikidata to fields in templates such as {{Infobox settlement}}.

For a usage example, see Eisenstadt.

Population[change source]

{{Austria metadata Wikidata}} works by checking if the Wikidata entity linked to the article has a population (P1082) statement dating to 1 January 2018 and sourced by an external reference (not imported from Wikimedia project (P143) or similar properties). If the condition is verified, the population figure is displayed.

Usage[change source]

{{Austria metadata Wikidata|population_footnotes}}


{{Austria metadata Wikidata|population_total}}


{{Austria metadata Wikidata|population_as_of}}

Area[change source]

Usage[change source]

{{Austria metadata Wikidata|area_footnotes}}


{{Austria metadata Wikidata|area_total_km2}}

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