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This template adds pages to Category:Banned Wikipedia users. It should not be used for normal blocks; rather, it is for legitimate accounts that have been banned after due consideration. The template adds the {{NOINDEX}} keyword.

Syntax[change source]

Note: all parameters are optional.

  • time – specifies the time for which the user was banned.
    A value of 'indef', 'indefinite', or 'indefinitely' will display as "banned indefinitely"
  • by – specifies the source of the ban. This may be just text, a link to the banning group, or a link to the banning discussion.
  • link – adds text at the bottom of the template. This is often used to link to the banning discussion.
  • namewarning=yes – transcludes {{Namewarning}} at the bottom

Example[change source]

{{banned user
|time=1 year
|by=the [[Wikipedia:AVI|AVI]]
|link=[https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Simple_talk&oldid=????? Community]}}

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