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People who were born in [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}} BC]].

[[:Category:{{{1}}}0s BC births|{{{1}}}0s BC births]]: [[:Category:{{{1}}}9 BC births|{{{1}}}9]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}8 BC births|{{{1}}}8]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}7 BC births|{{{1}}}7]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}6 BC births|{{{1}}}6]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}5 BC births|{{{1}}}5]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}4 BC births|{{{1}}}4]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}3 BC births|{{{1}}}3]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}2 BC births|{{{1}}}2]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}1 BC births|{{{1}}}1]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}0 BC births|{{{1}}}0]]

[[Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} BC|Births]] [[Category:{{{1}}}0s BC births|*BirthyrBC]]

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Documentation[change source]

This template is the header for categories that contain births for years BC.

For Category:1617 BC births, you would use:


The first parameter is the year without the last digit. The second parameter is the last digit.

The template includes the standard categories for the given year. (Category:1617 BC births would be put in Category:1617 BC and Category:1610s BC births)

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