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This template creates an inline image that is used in meta pages such as Wikipedia:Vital articles and/or in user pages.

  • Very good Article: {{Classicon|FA}}
  • Very good List: {{Classicon|FL}}
  • Very good Media: {{Classicon|FM}}
  • Former Very good Article: {{Classicon|FFA}}
  • Former Very good List: {{Classicon|FFL}}
  • A-Class Article: {{Classicon|A}}
  • Good Article: {{Classicon|GA}}
  • B-Class Article: {{Classicon|B}}
  • C-Class Article: {{Classicon|C}}
  • Start-Class Article: {{Classicon|Start}}
  • Stub-Class Article: {{Classicon|Stub}}
  • List-Class Article: {{Classicon|List}}
  • Non-Article Page: {{Classicon|NA}}
  • Unknown-Class Article: {{Classicon|No}}
  • Book Page: {{Classicon|Book}}
  • Category Page: {{Classicon|Category}}
  • Disambiguation Page: {{Classicon|Disambig}}
  • Media File Page: {{Classicon|Image}}
  • Portal Page: {{Classicon|Portal}}
  • Project Page: {{Classicon|Project}}
  • Redirect Page: {{Classicon|Redirect}}
  • Template Page: {{Classicon|Template}}
  • Unknown: {{Classicon|}}