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This template creates a formatted link from a number that represents a particular educational institution in the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics database. This template creates a link to the specified college or university's description at the College Navigator website.

Use[change source]

This template requires only one argument: the institution's six-digit IPEDS ID, a unique ID assigned to each college or university that participates in federal financial aid programs. This number can be found in many places, including the Department of Education's school and college search engine, in the description of colleges and universities in College Navigator (and, in the current version of the College Navigator, the URL of each college or university's description), and throughout many NCES / IPEDS databases.

{{College-navigator|102049}} is the template which belongs on the Samford University article. Using this code will create the following information:

Samford University at National Center for Education Statistics: College Navigator

The college name in the template is generated from the name of the Wikipedia page that is calling it. That means if you use the same template and ID on the article for a different college, it will display the new name from the article title. That is, the ID and college name won't match. You can optionally pass a second parameter if you want the name displayed to be different than the page title, such as when the article contains a phrase set off in parentheses for disambiguation purposes, or in list articles, or other relevant places. For instance,

{{College-navigator|104151|Arizona State University (Tempe)}} is the template for one of the Arizona State University campuses. But since the Wikipedia article covers multiple campuses, which all have different government IDs, we use the second parameter to note which campus this ID belongs to.

Arizona State University (Tempe) at National Center for Education Statistics: College Navigator