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{{color strip|color1|color2|...|color20}}

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This is the {{color strip}} template.

It creates a strip of up to twenty colors.

Usage[change source]

This template takes one or more parameters. The first twenty unnamed parameters are the names or color codes for the colors displayed in the resulting color strip.

Examples[change source]

Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

{{color strip|red|green|blue}} =    
{{color strip|w=2|red|red|green|blue|green|red|red}} =        
{{color strip|align=top|border=1|border-color=black|border-style=solid|w=2|h=2|red|green|blue}} =    
{{color strip|align=top|border=2|border-color=black|border-style=dotted|w=5|h=5|red|green|blue}} =    

Options[change source]

  • w is the width in em units.
  • h is the height in ex units.
  • border is the border thickness in px units.
  • border-color is the border color.
  • border-style is the border style: none, hidden, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset.
  • align is the vertical alignment: top, bottom, center.
  • frame is the frame thickness in px units.

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