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  • This template should be placed on article talk pages.
  • The template adds articles to Category:Articles with connected contributors.
  • Use this template when dealing with a general conflict of interest, including financial conflict of interest that does not involve being paid to edit Wikipedia. It can be used whether there is an actual (confirmed) or an apparent COI, but if the COI is unconfirmed do not add it without justifiably strong suspicion.
  • If the COI has been disclosed, the "declared" field should be completed with "yes" and a diff to the disclosure provided in the "otherlinks" field.
  • Do not use this template solely to identify an article subject as a Wikipedian.
  • For paid editors, use Template:Txl.

Usage[change source]

This template is capable of listing up to 10 editors. Assign a number between 1 and 10 to each editor listed, and substitute that value for X in each of the parameters below.


Last checked: This parameter should be filled in with the last date that a neutral editor checked the edits of all known connected contributors for neutrality. You can also include the name of the editor who checked if desired. See the example for details.


Username: This parameter should be filled in with the username of the COI editor.


Edited here: This parameter indicates whether or not the editor has edited the present article, and should be filled in with either a "yes" or a "no".


COI declared: This parameter indicates whether the user has declared their connection/financial interest in Wikipedia, and should be filled in with either a "yes" or a "no".


Other links: This optional parameter may be used to provide a link to the diff of the editor's COI declaration.


Banned: This optional parameter may be used to indicate whether the user has been formally banned from editing the present article. It may be filled in with a "yes" or a "no".

Talk page example[change source]

Talk:Assurant shows {{connected contributor}} and {{connected contributor (paid)}}.

Example[change source]

{{Connected contributor
| checked = 31-12-2016 by {{u|Example}}
| User1 = WikiWriter2458 | U1-EH = yes | U1-declared = yes |U1-otherlinks = |U1-banned =
| User2 = John Smith | U2-EH = no | U2-declared = no |U2-otherlinks = |U2-banned =
| User3 = Janet Doe | U3-EH = yes | U3-declared = yes |U3-otherlinks = |U3-banned = yes
| User4 = xx | U4-EH = yes | U4-declared = no |U4-otherlinks = |U4-banned =

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