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This template flags potential font/encoding issues for users when an article contains text which may not be renedered correctly on out-of-the-box installations of current operating systems.

Usage[change source]

Place at the top of affected articles. Each particular language should have a separate template that calls SpecialChars with the following parameters (as appropriate for that language).

{{ SpecialChars
| image      = 
| special    = 
| fix        = 
| characters =
| error      =

(optional) Just the title (no 'image:' prefix) of an image of the characters, ideally legible at 65x50px and either square or slightly wider than tall.
The languages or special content the page includes. Free-form, so you can specify as many as you like. Remember to link to the root pages for the characters / language.
Link to a page with the solution (installing fonts etc.). This should just be the title of the fix page, unlinked.
The specific type of characters that might be missing (i.e. kanji, kana). Free-form, remember to use links.
The rendering error observed (defaults to mojibake). Free-form.