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system unit code
abbreviation notes conversion factor/m2 combinations
SI square kilometre km2 km2 US spelling: square kilometer
1.0 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
  • km2 sqmi
square hectometre hm2 hm2 US spelling: square hectometer
1.0 hm2 (2.5 acres)
square decametre dam2 dam2 US spelling: square dekameter
1.0 dam2 (1,100 sq ft)
square metre m2 m2 US spelling: square meter
1.0 m2 (11 sq ft)
  • m2 sqft
square decimetre dm2 dm2 US spelling: square decimeter
1.0 dm2 (16 sq in)
square centimetre cm2 cm2 US spelling: square centimeter
1.0 cm2 (0.16 sq in)
  • cm2 sqin
square millimetre mm2 mm2 US spelling: square millimeter
1.0 mm2 (0.0016 sq in)
  • mm2 sqin
non-SI metric hectare ha ha equivalent to one square hectometre 1.0 ha (2.5 acres)
US customary

square mile sqmi sq mi 1.0 sq mi (2.6 km2)
  • sqmi km2
acre acre (none) 1.0 acre (0.40 ha)
square yard sqyd sq yd 1.0 sq yd (0.84 m2)

square foot sqft (sqfoot, foot2) sq ft code "sqft" will show "square feet" if plural.

code "sqft" will show "foot" or "feet" depending on value.

1.0 sq ft (0.093 m2)
  • sqft m2

square inch sqin sq in 1.0 sq in (6.5 cm2)
  • sqin cm2
  • sqin mm2
Maritime units square nautical mile sqnmi (nmi2) sq nmi 1.0 sq nmi (3.4 km2; 1.3 sq mi)
Middle Eastern dunam dunam (metric dunam) (none) The spellings dunum, donum and dönüm are also acceptable variants. Just replace dunam with the desired spelling in the code. The spelling dönüm also results from using donum diaeresis or donum dots. 1.0 dunam (0.0010 km2; 0.00039 sq mi)

Cypriot dunam (none) 1.0 Cypriot dunam[convert: unknown unit]
Iraqi dunam (none) 1.0 Iraqi dunam[convert: unknown unit]
old dunam (none) 1.0 old dunam[convert: unknown unit]
Japanese tsubo tsubo (none) 1.0 tsubo (3.3 m2)
Korean pyeong pyeong (none) 1.0 pyeong (3.3 m2)