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Usage[change source]

Please do not substitute this template.

To use this template, just place this at the top of an article that needs copy editing: {{copyedit|date=October 2021}}.

This template a few parameters you can fill in:

  • This template can be used on articles or article sections. If you're using the template on the whole article, just put the template at the top. If you're using the template on a section, put {{copyedit|section|October 2021}}. This will make the template say, This section needs copy editing instead of, This article needs copy editing.
  • You should usually add the date to this template, but you don't have to. If you do add the date, put in the parameter date, with the format date=month year.
    • For example, {{copyedit|date=October 2021}}.
  • This template also has another optional parameter, for, which can be used to explain what issues need to be addressed, like for=consistent spelling. If you don't put the parameter in, it will say for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling.
    • For example, if the article only needs copy editing for spelling, you would put {{copyedit|date=October 2021|for=spelling}} at the top of the article.

Pages tagged with this template will be sorted to Category:Pages in need of copyedit.

Redirects[change source]

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  4. {{Cleanup-copyedit}}
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