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Template:Correct title is a Wikipedia maintenance template that produces an article hatnote to help explain to readers that restrictions on titles containing colons, periods, and some other characters (noted at WP:TITLESPECIALCHARACTERS) affect the page name of the page they are reading.

Examples[change source]

For issues with the (#) sign, pass the |reason=# parameter:

{{Correct title|C# (programming language)|reason=#}}

For issues with any of (< > [ ] { }), pass the |reason=bracket parameter:

{{Correct title|Benzo[a]pyrene|reason=bracket}}

For issues with :, pass the |reason=: parameter:

{{Correct title|DK: King of Swing|reason=:}}

The template can also be used without a reason, which produces:

See also[change source]

Template Involves Correct name Actual article name
{{Italic title}} Title in italics To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird
{{Lowercase title}} Lowercase first character eBay EBay
{{Correct title|reason=bracket}} < > [ ] { } Benzo[a]pyrene Benzo(a)pyrene
{{Correct title|reason=#}} # Pilot #5 Pilot No. 5
{{Correct title|reason=:}} / : DK: King of Swing DK King of Swing