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Template:Data/popdens calculates the estimated current population density for entities having Data templates based on parameters for a known base population plus daily increment value. The output is in persons per square kilometer or in persons per square mile.

Parameters[change source]

The entity name (example: United States) is specified in the first parameter. A Data template with the specified name must exist. Area values specified in the Data template for the specified entity are used, along with the population figure supplied by Template:Poptoday.

The following optional parameters may be supplied:

2=comma - Put commas in the output (same as: 2=formatnum).
2=formatnum - Put commas the output (same as: 2=comma).
areaunit - Specifies the area unit to be used for output. May be specified as km2 or as sqmi. Defauts to km2.
area - Specifies area to be used. May be specified as total area or land area. Defaults to total area
round - Specifies rounding value in decimal places. Defaults to 2.


  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands}} gives 420.3
  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands|areaunit=km2}} gives 420.3
  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands|areaunit=sqmi}} gives 1088.57
  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands|comma|areaunit=sqmi}} gives 1,088.57
  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands|comma|areaunit=sqmi|area=land area}} gives 1,088.57
  • {{data/popdens|Netherlands|comma|areaunit=sqmi|area=land area|round=0}} gives 1,089

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