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[dead link]

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Use {{dead link}} when you find a dead external link within a paragraph or a reference citation. Append this template after the link, leaving the original link intact. The template needs to be placed directly after the external link or citation template. Not doing so will prevent automated tools from detecting which link is dead. If desired </ref> could be placed in-between so the template appears in the body of the text.

This template will categorize into Category:Articles with dead external links.

Parameters[change source]

url (optional)
Provides a history of the linked page via Wayback Machine. Set only if history actually exists, as otherwise it is misleading to users and editors.
date (optional)
Given in format Month YYYY (month name followed by year) for use by the categorization system. Use {{subst:DATE}} which yields date=December 2021. If not set it will be filled in by a bot.