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Template:Decade in country category is intended to be used on decade in country categories (for example, Category:2000s in Canada or Category:1530s in England). It creates a "timeline" style table of links to categories for adjacent decades before or after it (see example below).

{{Decade in country category| | | |}}


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The first three parameters indicate the country and its continent(s).

  • The first parameter is the country name as indicated in the category name (but without prefixes which are unwanted for sorting, these should be added to the 4th parameter).
  • The second parameter is the continent where the country is located.
  • The third parameter is optional: if a country is located in two continents (mainly for countries in Europe and Asia, like Russia or Turkey), then a second continent can be included here. The order of the two continents is not important. This third parameter can also be used with member states of the United Kingdom (use "United Kingdom"), the former Soviet Union ("Soviet Union"), or former Yugoslavia ("Yugoslavia").
  • The 4th parameter is used for sorting of countries which start with "The" (or other prefixes like "the Socialist Republic of "): this can be left empty for most countries.

Simple example using

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In most cases, only two parameters will be needed: the country and the continent.

When placed on the page Category:1860s in Japan:

{{Decade in country category|Japan|Asia}}

  • displays the following:

This category is for topics specifically related to the decade 1860s in Japan

Example using all parameters

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When placed on the page Category:1950s in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia:

{{Decade in country category|Macedonia|Europe|Yugoslavia|the Socialist Republic of }}

  • displays the following:

This category is for topics specifically related to the decade 1950s in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia


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